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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the eBay Developer Network?

A. The eBay Developer Network is a knowledge and community centre for developers, enterprise-sized businesses and independent software vendors that wish to tap into the eBay global marketplace and provide innovative commerce-related solutions to their customers.
The eBay developer network provides:
-          Tools, API documentation and tutorials for developing applications that interact with the eBay platform
-          Forums for discussion and knowledge exchange
-          Provides commerce solution providers a large customer base for their applications and services
For more information about the eBay Developer network, visit

Q. How do I join the eBay Developer Network?

A. To become a member of the eBay Developer Network complete the online registration at

Q. How do third-party applications interact with the eBay platform?

A. The eBay platform provides an Application Programming Interface (API) in the form of Web services through which third-party applications gain access to the eBay platform.

Q. What are the supported formats for the exchanging data with the eBay platform API?

A. Data requests to the eBay platform API can be formatted using:
-          SOAP
-          REST
-          XML
-          URL query parameters
Depending on the API used the same request can be issued using one or more of the formats listed above.
Response data from the eBay platform can be formatted using:
-          SOAP
-          REST
-          XML
-          JSON
When more than one data response format is supported, the desired format can be specified in the matching request.

Q. What languages are supported by eBay Platform API?

A. Communication with the eBay Platform API is language-neutral and is based on open industry standards for web services and HTTP-based communication including WSDL, SOAP, REST, XML, JSON and URL query parameters.
Language-specific tools and software development kits (SDKs) can be downloaded from the eBay Developer Network website. These are designed to simplify and shorten the development time of third-party applications. Currently SDKs exist for Java and .Net.

Q. What is required for a third-party application to use the eBay platform API?

A. Third-party applications are required to provide one or more of the following security information when accessing the eBay platform API:
-          An AppID which uniquely identifies the application
-          An application user token which identifies the user on whose behalf a request is made
-          A CertID which authenticates the application when making API calls
-          An Affiliate ID which is used for tracking and attributing traffic originating from third-party applications of members of the eBay Partner Network
In order to request any of the security information listed above, a DevID is required. This is obtained as part of the eBay Developer Network registration process.

Q. What is a sandbox environment?

A. A sandbox environment is a simulated test environment in which third-party applications can create test sellers, buyers, stores, products …
 In order for an application to execute in a sandbox environment a sandbox box AppId is required.
Note that not all APIs are available to use in a sandbox environment. Check the API documentation for details of supported environments.

Q. What is a production environment?

A. A production environment is the live eBay marketplace. In order to run in a production environment an application is required to provide a production AppID.

Q. What are the eBay platform APIs?

A. The eBay platform APIs are grouped into the following categories:
This is a buyer-centric API used to build applications such as selling and post-sales management applications, manage User information, and initiate the item purchase flow on eBay.
This is used to perform and refine advanced search operations for items, products, categories etc.
This is a buyer-centric API for lightweight and performance-optimised search operations.
This API provides developers with an easy way to surface available items and products on eBay that provide good value or are otherwise popular with eBay buyers.
Use the Research APIs for eBay to retrieve pricing, statistics and trend analysis on historical eBay data
This is a set of APIs that are used to manage notification preferences for applications and users. Applications receive Users notifications on a configured end point. This functionality enables developers to build real time notification applications to react to events affecting eBay users.
This provides lightweight access to updates to eBay data. Client Alerts provides developers with a way to retrieve updated data on eBay. Keep your users and applications informed with up to date information about business events happening on eBay. With Client Alerts, developers can build lightweight alerting and notification applications
This is an asynchronous bulk-oriented interface for exchanging large amounts of data between third-party applications and the eBay platform. Features of LMS include SKU-based inventory management, order status reports etc.
Feedback APIs provide an easy way to manage account-level Feedback data, specifically Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs). DSR data can help sellers understand particular strengths and weaknesses in their business model as well as possible areas for improvement.
This is used by seller applications list items on eBay along with compatible parts. For example, Parts Compatibility enables sellers to specify accurately and comprehensively the vehicles on which a headlight or a rim will fit.

 For more information on the APIs listed above and others visit

Q. Where do I find the XML schemas for XML-based data exchange?

A. For information on the XML schema of data exchange through an API, visit the documentation page for that API.  

Q. Where are the WSDL files located for SOAP-based data exchange?

A. For information on the WSDL used to define the web services exposed by an API, visit the documentation page for that API.

Q. Where can I find code samples for the eBay platform API?

Q. Are software development kits (SDKs) provided for developing third-party applications that use the eBay platform API?

A.  Yes. SDKs currently exist for Java and .Net.

Q. Are development tools provided to help with developing third-party applications that use the eBay platform API?

A. Yes. A number of development tools are available. In particular:
-          WSDL Pruner Tool used to prune a bulky WSDL down to the operations you want to use.
-          Item Specifics Lookup Tool used by seller to retrieve item specifics for their category selection.
-          Sandbox User Registration Tool used to create and validate new test users in eBay.
-          User Token Tool used to create a token for a single user.

Q. Where can I find information about the Google Maps API?

A. You can find information about the Google Maps API at:

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