Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don't forget...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for signing up to the eBay Mapping Mashup Hack Day at Imperial College, can’t wait to meet you all! #eBayEUHack

Imperial is massive, so the closest entrance to our meeting place (room G02) is on Prince Consort Road, here is the street address:

Room G02
Department of Earth Science and Engineering
Royal School of Mines
Prince Consort Road
Imperial College London

You can find tech faqs, schedules, directions  and other useful information on our blog: and if you have any other questions at all please contact me - Nicole ( or Anusha (

Prizes announced – Google Nexus 7” for the winners and goody bags for the winners and runners up.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is all organised, but don’t forget to bring your own kit! Remember, places are limited, so please cancel your registration if you can longer attend so that someone else can have the chance to participate.

See you on Saturday!


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