Thursday, January 31, 2013


eBay Hack Day

We’re hosting a hack day for talented developers to meet and demonstrate their creativity and skills.
Theme: eBay’s global marketplace brings together millions of buyers and sellers from across the globe, but sometimes you’re looking for something that you’d prefer to buy locally, a bit of advice or something unique. How could you join together eBay’s vast selection of products with Google Maps (or open source Maps API) to do something new for local shopping?
-   Register on EventBrite. Please submit a snippet of code with your entry for review.
-   Learn more about and join the eBay Dev Program and SDKs
Event Info
-   Where: Imperial College London
-   When:  Sat 2nd Feb
-   Participants: 40 places. [Update 18/1 - More tickets available!]
-   FREE entry. Food and refreshments will be provided
-   You will need to bring your own kit.
-   Wifi will be provided and eBay engineers will be on hand to give technical guidance on using eBay APIs.
-   The creators of the apps will own the apps and code they generate
-   Google Nexus 7" for the winners
-   Goody bags for the winners and the runners up
Why is eBay doing this?
This is the first of many events coordinated across eBay’s European offices in London, Zurich, Paris and Berlin. We want to support tech innovation in our communities. We also want great people to join our teams and get to know us at these events.

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